Arunachal: Butterfly Enthusiasts’ Groundbreaking Discovery


A team of butterfly enthusiasts has achieved a remarkable feat in the Tale Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, nestled in Arunachal Pradesh’s Lower Subansiri district. Their exploration led to the unprecedented discovery of the Neptis philyra, colloquially known as the long-streak sailor, marking the first-ever sighting of this butterfly species in India.

The Discovery Team

The pioneering discovery was spearheaded by Atanu Bose, Mahesh Baruah, and Abhishek Dutta Choudhury, hailing from Assam’s Bongaigaon, alongside Anitava Roy from West Bengal. Their endeavors were bolstered by the Wiki Loves Butterflies initiative, with invaluable field guidance provided by Kojmama Taman and Punyo Chada.

The Neptis philyra was initially cataloged by M. Ménétriés in 1859 and is primarily indigenous to East Asia. Its habitat spans various regions, including eastern Siberia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Tibet, Yunnan, and Vietnam.

The groundbreaking revelation has been meticulously documented and subsequently published in the esteemed Journal of Tropical Lepidoptera Research. This international scientific journal, headquartered in Florida, USA, serves as a platform for disseminating research findings in the field of tropical lepidopterology.

The publication date of this significant discovery is April 5, 2024. This milestone not only adds to the biodiversity records of Arunachal Pradesh but also underscores the importance of conservation efforts and collaborative initiatives in uncovering the hidden treasures of India’s rich natural landscape.



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