Arunachal Govt Cancels Illegal Appointments in PHE Department

PHE Department

To ensure transparency and fairness in employment procedures, the Arunachal Pradesh Government has issued orders to cancel recent illegal appointments made in the Public Health Engineering and Water Supply Department (PHE) of the state. The directive specifically targets the appointment of 20 individuals as work-charged (WC) staff within the jurisdiction of Miao circle in Changlang district.

The decision comes after thorough scrutiny and investigation revealed irregularities in the appointment process, raising concerns about the integrity of the selection criteria and the adherence to legal protocols. Upon discovering discrepancies and violations of recruitment norms, the government swiftly intervened to rectify the situation and ensure compliance with established regulations.

The illegal appointments in the PHE department, particularly in the Miao circle of Changlang district, have been deemed null and void by the authorities. This action underscores the government’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and preventing any form of malpractice or favoritism in the recruitment process.

By rescinding the unauthorized appointments, the Arunachal Pradesh Government aims to uphold the principles of transparency, meritocracy, and accountability in public service recruitment. The cancellation of these appointments sends a clear message that any attempts to circumvent established procedures will not be tolerated, and strict disciplinary action will be taken against those found guilty of wrongdoing.

The decision to annul the illegal appointments reflects the government’s dedication to fostering a fair and equitable working environment within the PHE department and across all sectors of governance. It underscores the importance of upholding ethical standards and ensuring that appointments are made based on merit, qualifications, and adherence to legal requirements.

Moving forward, the Arunachal Pradesh Government has reiterated its commitment to conducting recruitment processes with utmost transparency and integrity. Measures will be put in place to prevent similar instances of irregularities and to safeguard the integrity of the public service recruitment system.

The cancellation of illegal appointments in the PHE department by the Arunachal Pradesh Government underscores its unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of fairness, transparency, and accountability in public administration. The decision reaffirms the government’s determination to root out corruption and uphold the rule of law for the benefit of the citizens of the state.



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