Arunachal: Lower Subansiri Hydroelectric Project Hit By Second Mishap In Weeks

Lower Subansiri Hydroelectric Project


Guwahati, the bustling city in Assam, has been struck by another setback as the Lower Subansiri Hydroelectric Project, situated at Gerukamukh along the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border, experiences a second mishap in recent weeks. This development has sparked renewed concerns regarding the project’s progress and safety.


The Lower Subansiri Hydroelectric Project, a flagship venture of the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC), is a significant undertaking aimed at harnessing the potential of the Subansiri River for generating clean energy. With a projected capacity of 2,000 megawatts, the project holds the promise of meeting the region’s power demands while reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

First Mishap and Delays:

The project has faced its fair share of challenges and controversies since its inception. The initial stages were marred by protests and legal battles, with local communities and environmental activists raising concerns about the environmental impact and seismic safety of the project. These concerns resulted in delays and interruptions in the construction process, leading to extended timelines and increased costs.

Second Mishap Raises Alarm:

The recent occurrence of a second mishap has raised eyebrows among stakeholders and the public alike. While specific details about the nature of the mishap remain scarce, the incident has reignited fears surrounding the project’s safety standards and overall viability. Local residents, environmentalists, and activists are calling for a thorough investigation into the causes of these mishaps and demanding transparency from the authorities.

Environmental and Social Impact Concerns:

Critics of the Lower Subansiri Hydroelectric Project have long emphasized the potential environmental consequences it could entail. The dam’s construction has resulted in large-scale displacement of local communities, raising concerns about their livelihoods and cultural heritage. Additionally, the alteration of river flow patterns and potential ecological disruptions have been subjects of heated debate.

Way Forward:

Given the recurring mishaps and the existing concerns surrounding the Lower Subansiri Hydroelectric Project, it is imperative for the authorities involved to address the situation promptly and effectively. A comprehensive assessment of the project’s safety measures, environmental impact, and social implications is crucial to restore public confidence and ensure the project’s viability.


The Lower Subansiri Hydroelectric Project’s second mishap in Guwahati has added a new layer of uncertainty and apprehension to an already contentious endeavor. The incident highlights the importance of thorough investigations, transparent communication, and sustainable development practices in large-scale infrastructure projects. As the authorities work towards resolving the situation, it is hoped that the concerns raised by various stakeholders will be adequately addressed to ensure the project’s successful and responsible implementation.



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