Arunachal Pradesh Embarks on a Transformative Journey With Two New Districts


In a significant stride towards inclusive development, Arunachal Pradesh recently witnessed a historic moment as the Legislative Assembly passed a bill for the creation of two new districts. The announcement, made during the ‘Vote-on-Account’ session for the Financial Year 2024-25, has sparked a wave of optimism among citizens, signaling a new era of transformative change for the state.

On October 8, the bill was successfully passed, marking a pivotal moment in the governance of Arunachal Pradesh. Governor [Governor’s Name], in his address to the house, not only acknowledged the remarkable progress the state has achieved over the past eight years but also reaffirmed the commitment to sustaining this momentum during the interim period.

The announcement was made in the presence of key officials, including Principal Secretary Finance, Shri Sarath Chauhan, Commissioner (Finance) Smt Y W Ringu, and Secretary Planning & Investment, Shri R K Sharma. The Governor, during the session, disclosed the names and administrative details of the newly formed districts that are poised to contribute to the state’s continued growth and development.

The two new districts, Keyi Panyor and Bichom, are strategically carved out from existing regions to better serve the needs of the local population. Keyi Panyor will be separated from Lower Subansiri, while Bichom will be formed by carving out portions from East and West Kameng districts. With the addition of Keyi Panyor and Bichom, the total number of districts in Arunachal Pradesh has now reached 28.

This move is expected to decentralize administration, ensuring more efficient governance and focused development efforts tailored to the unique needs of these regions. The creation of these districts reflects a proactive approach by the state government to address the evolving socio-economic landscape and cater to the aspirations of its diverse population.

The citizens of Arunachal Pradesh are hopeful that the establishment of Keyi Panyor and Bichom will not only lead to improved local governance but also result in enhanced infrastructure, better public services, and increased opportunities for economic development. The new districts are seen as catalysts for holistic growth, contributing to the overall progress of the state.

As Arunachal Pradesh embraces this momentous change, the creation of Keyi Panyor and Bichom districts stands as a testament to the state’s commitment to inclusive and sustainable development. The optimism surrounding this development reflects the collective aspiration for a brighter and more prosperous future for the people of Arunachal Pradesh.



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