Arunachal Pradesh Inaugurates New ICU, Paediatric Unit at TRIHMS


Arunachal Pradesh Health Minister Biyuram Wahge inaugurated the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Paediatric Care Unit at the Tomo Riba Institute of Health & Medical Science (TRIHMS) in Naharlagun on June 24. The ceremony marked a significant milestone in the state’s healthcare infrastructure, underscoring Wahge’s commitment to advancing healthcare services.

Wahge, who also assumes the role of BJP President, recently took charge as the Health & Family Welfare, WRD Minister. His visit to TRIHMS included a comprehensive inspection aimed at assessing the medical college’s facilities and identifying areas for enhancement. Accompanied by Commissioner of Health IAS Pawan Kumar Sain, Secretary of Health Krishna Kumar Singh, Marge Sora, Mission Director of the National Health Mission, and Dr Moji Jini, Director of Health, Wahge meticulously reviewed multiple hospital blocks, outpatient departments (OPD), intensive care units, children’s wards, a blood center, and ongoing construction projects within the TRIHMS campus.

The inspection was followed by a round table meeting where Wahge engaged with TRIHMS doctors, directors, and officers. Discussions during the meeting centered on the status of MD/MS courses and the availability of seats at the college, aiming to strengthen medical education and training in Arunachal Pradesh.

During the inauguration, Wahge emphasized his commitment to building on the state’s previous healthcare achievements and ensuring the provision of quality medical services to the people of Arunachal Pradesh. The new ICU and paediatric unit are expected to enhance TRIHMS’s capacity to handle critical care and paediatric cases, addressing gaps in healthcare delivery in the region.

The event underscored the government’s proactive approach towards healthcare infrastructure development in the state, reflecting efforts to meet the growing healthcare needs of the population. Wahge’s leadership in inaugurating these facilities signals a step forward in improving healthcare accessibility and quality in Arunachal Pradesh.



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