Arunachal Pradesh Sees Decline in Malaria Cases: State Review Meeting


A recent state review meeting on vector-borne diseases, conducted by the National Centre for Vector Borne Diseases Control (NCVBDC) in Arunachal Pradesh, has revealed a positive trend in the decline of malaria cases. The meeting, held from February 12 to 14 in Naharlagun, brought together key stakeholders and health authorities to assess the current status of vector-borne diseases in the state.

Districts Eligible for Malaria-Free Certification

Dr. KT Mulung, the Joint Director of Health Services (NCVBDC), highlighted that out of the 25 districts in Arunachal Pradesh, 14 are now eligible for malaria-free certification. This achievement reflects the dedicated efforts of health professionals and the impact of ongoing public health initiatives.

Marge Sora, an official from the Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service (MD NHM), commended the health department staff for their significant contribution to the reduction in malaria cases. He attributed this success to the continuous and relentless efforts of the department.

While acknowledging the positive trend, Marge Sora urged the health staff to pay special attention to border areas, considering them as the most vulnerable. The emphasis on these regions is crucial to ensuring a comprehensive approach to malaria prevention and control.

Dr. R Rina, Joint Director of Health Services cum Director of Health Services in charge, congratulated the health staff for the decrease in malaria cases. He expressed optimism that by the year 2027, Arunachal Pradesh could achieve the ambitious goal of eliminating malaria. However, he also stressed the importance of caution, recalling past instances of malaria resurgence during his medical college days.

Dr. LS Singh, Senior Regional Director from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Shillong, emphasized the crucial role of the ‘3T’ approach – Test, Treat, Track – in the journey towards malaria elimination. He urged health authorities to focus on proper documentation for successful malaria elimination certification, including the maintenance of an Annual Blood Examination Rate (ABER).

This collaborative effort and positive trajectory in malaria control underscore the dedication of health professionals in Arunachal Pradesh in the fight against vector-borne diseases.



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