Huge Cache of Arms and Explosives Recovered in Manipur


Security forces, comprising the Indian Army and Manipur police, successfully seized a substantial cache of arms, ammunition, and explosives during targeted search operations in Kangpokpi and Bishnupur districts of Manipur.

Specific Intelligence Leads to Operation

Acting on specific intelligence regarding the presence of a significant arsenal, security forces launched meticulous search operations in the Kangpokpi and Bishnupur districts of Manipur.

In Khoken village, Kangpokpi district, the security personnel discovered and seized war-like materials, including a country-made mortar, a country-made carbine machine gun, two country-made Pompi guns, one grenade, and a substantial quantity of ammunition.

Continuing the operation along the foothills of Dampi ridge at Lailampat area in Bishnupur district, the combined team recovered two six-inch country-made mortars with eleven rounds, one 7.62mm SLR rifle, one 9mm pistol, two 12-bore single-barrel guns, various ammunition, four grenades, and additional war-like stores.

The recovered items have been promptly handed over to the Manipur police for further investigation and legal proceedings.

This successful operation signifies the effectiveness of coordinated efforts between the Indian Army, BSF, and Manipur police in curbing potential security threats in the region.



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