Arunachal’s Indigenous Products Get GI Tags with NABARD Support


Indigenous products from Arunachal Pradesh have achieved a significant milestone by receiving Geographical Indication (GI) tags, a recognition that adds value and protection to these unique offerings. This accomplishment has been made possible with the support of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).

The GI tags serve as a mark of authenticity and quality, indicating that the products possess unique characteristics associated with their geographical origin. This recognition not only enhances the marketability of these indigenous items but also safeguards them from imitations.

Arunachal Pradesh, known for its rich biodiversity and traditional knowledge, boasts a diverse range of products that have now secured GI tags. These products, rooted in the state’s unique geography and culture, include agricultural produce, handicrafts, and other artisanal offerings.

NABARD’s involvement in this process signifies the organization’s commitment to promoting rural development and empowering local communities. The support provided by NABARD has played a crucial role in facilitating the necessary documentation and processes required for obtaining GI tags.

More About GI tags

The GI tags not only benefit the producers by creating a distinct identity for their products but also contribute to the preservation of traditional practices and cultural heritage. Consumers, both locally and globally, can now make informed choices, confident in the authenticity and quality of the indigenous products.

This achievement aligns with the broader goal of fostering sustainable and inclusive development in Arunachal Pradesh. By recognizing and promoting indigenous products, the region can tap into its economic potential while preserving and celebrating its unique cultural heritage.

The GI-tagged products are expected to gain prominence in the market, attracting attention from consumers who value authenticity and traditional craftsmanship. Moreover, this recognition opens up new avenues for marketing and trade, creating opportunities for the economic upliftment of the communities involved in the production of these indigenous items.

As Arunachal Pradesh’s indigenous products adorned with GI tags make their mark, it reflects a positive step towards the promotion of local economies and the preservation of cultural diversity. The collaboration between local producers, NABARD, and the GI tagging process showcases the potential for sustainable development rooted in the rich heritage of the region.

In addition, the attainment of GI tags for Arunachal Pradesh’s indigenous products symbolizes a triumph for local communities, cultural preservation, and economic development. With NABARD’s steadfast support, these products are poised to make a lasting impact in the marketplace, contributing to the region’s prosperity and recognition on a global scale.



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