Ashutosh Bhushan, Amity Noida’s BBA International Student, Clinches Asia Youth Conclave Award for Best International Debater under Prof. Marut Bisht’s Guidance


In a triumph that echoes the commitment to excellence at Amity University Noida, Ashutosh Bhushan, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) International student, has been honored with the prestigious Asia Youth Conclave Award for Best International Debater. This achievement not only underscores his exceptional oratory skills but also highlights the mentorship provided by his Program Leader, Prof. Marut Bisht.

A Journey of Academic Rigor and Debating Excellence

Ashutosh Bhushan’s academic journey at Amity University Noida has been marked by a thirst for knowledge and a passion for effective communication. Pursuing the BBA International program, Ashutosh’s commitment to academic rigor was complemented by his active participation in debate competitions.

Guidance from Prof. Marut Bisht: A Stepping Stone to Success

The role of a mentor is pivotal in shaping a student’s academic and extracurricular pursuits. Prof. Marut Bisht, serving as Ashutosh’s Program Leader, provided not only academic guidance but also nurtured his talent for debating. Prof. Bisht’s mentorship created an environment where students could hone their skills and showcase their talents on a global stage.

Asia Youth Conclave Award for Best International Debater: A Significant Milestone

The Asia Youth Conclave Award for Best International Debater is a recognition of Ashutosh Bhushan’s exceptional eloquence, critical thinking, and ability to articulate complex ideas. Competing against talented debaters from across Asia, Ashutosh’s victory is a testament to his dedication and proficiency in the art of persuasive communication.

Key Attributes that Led to Success

Ashutosh Bhushan’s success as the Best International Debater is rooted in a combination of well-researched arguments, articulate expression, and the ability to think on his feet. His command over diverse topics, coupled with a diplomatic and persuasive style, set him apart in the competitive arena of international debating.

Impact on Amity University Noida’s Debating Culture

The recognition of Ashutosh Bhushan as the Best International Debater adds a feather to Amity University Noida’s cap. It not only showcases the caliber of students the university nurtures but also reflects the institution’s commitment to providing a platform for students to excel in diverse fields beyond traditional academics.

Future Prospects for Ashutosh Bhushan: Shaping Global Discourse

As the Best International Debater, Ashutosh Bhushan is positioned as a rising star in the realm of global discourse. This accolade opens doors to future opportunities, from participating in prestigious international forums to contributing meaningfully to discussions on a wide range of global issues.

In conclusion, Ashutosh Bhushan’s achievement as the Best International Debater at the Asia Youth Conclave is a testament to his individual excellence, the supportive environment at Amity University Noida, and the guidance provided by mentors like Prof. Marut Bisht. This accomplishment not only reflects the prowess of the university’s debating culture but also highlights its commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals ready to make a mark on the global stage.



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