Assam; AJYCP Takes Out Food & Civil Supply Department’s ‘Funeral’ Procession In Dibrugarh

AJYCP takes out Food & Civil Supply Department's 'Funeral'

Dibrugarh, a prominent city in Assam, is currently grappling with the mounting prices of essential commodities, raising concerns among its residents. The sudden surge in prices has prompted citizens to voice their distress over the increasing burden on their daily expenses.

In recent weeks, the cost of various essential items such as rice, pulses, edible oil, and vegetables has witnessed a noticeable upward trend. This surge in prices has created anxiety among the local population, particularly those belonging to middle and lower-income groups, who are finding it increasingly challenging to meet their basic needs.

The rising prices of food and other essential supplies have compelled the All Assam Students’ Union (AJYCP) to take action. In a display of protest and to draw attention to the issue, the AJYCP organized a procession in Dibrugarh, symbolizing the solemnity of a funeral procession. This unique demonstration aimed to underscore the gravity of the situation and demand immediate measures to address the price hike.

Members of the AJYCP, accompanied by concerned citizens, marched through the streets of Dibrugarh, holding placards and raising slogans demanding relief from the soaring prices. They emphasized the need for swift intervention from the authorities to mitigate the hardships faced by the common people.

Local residents expressed their frustration and shared personal anecdotes, highlighting the impact of the price hike on their daily lives. Many families are struggling to maintain a balanced diet, compromising on nutritional needs due to the exorbitant cost of essential food items. The situation is particularly distressing for marginalized sections of society, who are disproportionately affected by such price fluctuations.

The reasons behind the price surge are multifaceted. Factors such as inflationary pressures, supply chain disruptions, and seasonal variations in production have contributed to this worrying trend. As Assam heavily relies on neighboring states for the supply of essential commodities, any disruptions in transportation or fluctuations in market conditions can have a direct impact on prices.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Food & Civil Supply Department has assured its commitment to address the issue promptly. The department is exploring measures to stabilize prices and ensure an adequate supply of essential goods to the region. Efforts are underway to establish effective coordination with neighboring states and streamline the distribution network to minimize price fluctuations.

In the face of this challenge, it is crucial for the government, local authorities, and stakeholders to collaborate and devise sustainable solutions. Timely interventions, including market monitoring, strategic procurement, and investment in agricultural infrastructure, can help stabilize prices and ensure affordable access to essential commodities for all.

The recent demonstration organized by the AJYCP has drawn attention to the pressing issue of rising prices in Dibrugarh, serving as a wake-up call for authorities to prioritize the well-being of its citizens. Swift action is needed to alleviate the burden on the common people and ensure that essential commodities remain affordable, fostering a sense of security and stability within the community.



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