Assam Amit Shah lays foundation for Guwahati campus of National Forensic Sciences University


In a significant development, Union Home Minister Amit Shah laid the foundation stone for the Guwahati campus of the National Forensic Sciences University in Assam on Thursday, May 25. This event marks a crucial milestone in the advancement of forensic sciences in the region.

The National Forensic Sciences University is a prestigious institution dedicated to promoting excellence in forensic education, research, and training. With the establishment of its Guwahati campus, the university aims to extend its reach and cater to the growing demand for forensic expertise in the northeastern region of India.

During the foundation-laying ceremony, Amit Shah emphasized the importance of forensic sciences in modern-day law enforcement and the justice system. He highlighted the need for cutting-edge forensic technologies and the development of skilled professionals to strengthen the investigative process and ensure swift justice delivery.

The Guwahati campus of the National Forensic Sciences University is expected to become a hub of forensic research and innovation. It will offer specialized undergraduate and postgraduate programs in forensic sciences, including areas such as forensic chemistry, forensic biology, digital forensics, forensic medicine, and more. The university’s curriculum will be designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and practical skills required to tackle emerging challenges in the field of forensic sciences.

Moreover, the establishment of the Guwahati campus will provide a platform for collaboration between the university, law enforcement agencies, and other relevant stakeholders. This synergy will facilitate the exchange of expertise, foster research partnerships, and enhance the application of forensic sciences in criminal investigations and legal proceedings.

The project holds significant promise for the region, as it will not only contribute to the development of skilled professionals but also provide employment opportunities for local talent. The campus is expected to create a conducive learning environment with state-of-the-art laboratories, research facilities, and dedicated faculty members.

The foundation-laying ceremony witnessed the presence of prominent dignitaries, including government officials, academicians, and representatives from the law enforcement community. Their collective efforts signify a commitment towards strengthening the forensic infrastructure in Assam and the northeastern region.

The completion of the Guwahati campus of the National Forensic Sciences University will further elevate Assam’s status as a hub for forensic sciences and bolster the nation’s forensic capabilities. It will pave the way for advancements in crime investigation, judicial proceedings, and the overall pursuit of justice.

With the foundation stone now laid, the construction of the Guwahati campus will commence, and it is anticipated that the National Forensic Sciences University will soon become a beacon of excellence in the field of forensic sciences, making significant contributions to the nation’s pursuit of truth and justice.



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