Assam Botanist Honors Father’s Tea Legacy with New Plant Species

Tea garden

A life dedicated to the tea industry, a botanist from Assam has named a newly discovered plant species after his father. The plant, officially identified as Camellia obituaries, is now a living testament to the decades of passion and commitment that the botanist’s father devoted to the world of tea.

The proud botanist, Dr. Arjun Barooah, shared the emotional significance behind the naming decision. He expressed how his father, late Padmashree Maniram Dewan, was a pioneering figure in the tea industry, contributing significantly to its growth and development in Assam. To immortalize his father’s legacy, Dr. Barooah chose to name the newly identified plant after him.

Camellia obituaries, a member of the Camellia genus, boasts delicate blossoms and unique botanical features. Discovered in the lush landscapes of Assam, the plant now stands as a symbol of the rich heritage and deep-rooted connections between the Barooah family and the tea culture of the region.

The naming ceremony, attended by fellow botanists, researchers, and tea enthusiasts, became a touching moment of remembrance and celebration. Dr. Barooah, in an emotional speech, recounted his father’s unwavering dedication to the tea industry, which transcended mere professional commitment, becoming a way of life for the late Padmashree Maniram Dewan.

The Naming Tradition

This naming tradition is not only a personal homage but also aligns with a broader botanical practice where plants are often named to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the field or have a special connection to the discovery site.

The tea plantations of Assam, known for their lush landscapes and high-quality tea leaves, play a vital role in the region’s economy. Naming a plant after a tea industry stalwart serves as a unique and poignant acknowledgment of the impact that individuals like Padmashree Maniram Dewan have had on shaping the cultural and economic fabric of Assam.

As Camellia obituaries finds its place in the botanical records, it stands as a living memorial, representing the intertwining stories of family, passion, and the flourishing tea culture in Assam. Dr. Arjun Barooah’s gesture not only adds a new species to the scientific catalog but also creates a lasting tribute to a man whose life’s work continues to influence the tea industry in Assam and beyond.



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