HYC Sets Strict Two-Week Deadline for Meghalaya Scholarship Disbursement


The Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) in Meghalaya has suspended its planned peaceful protest after the state government’s assurance of receiving central funds for the disbursement of post-matric scholarships. The HYC has issued a firm warning, setting a strict two-week deadline for the government to transfer the scholarship funds to the accounts of deserving beneficiaries.

Stipulated Deadline Raises Stakes

The HYC, in a press conference held alongside the North-Eastern Hill University Students’ Union (NEHUSU), has emphasized the urgency of meeting the stipulated two-week deadline. The student group asserted that failure to transfer the scholarship funds within this timeframe would lead to unspecified “stern action.”

Call for Indigenous Student Reservation

During the press conference, the HYC and NEHUSU reiterated their longstanding demand for an 80% reservation for indigenous students in higher education institutions within Meghalaya. They argued that the recent shift to the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) as the sole admission criterion necessitates increased support for indigenous students, particularly in terms of reservations.

Adapting to CUET: Need for Coaching Centers

Given the transition to CUET as the primary admission metric, the student groups urged the government to establish coaching centers tailored for computer-based exams like CUET and NET. This move, they argued, would help bridge the preparation gap and level the playing field for indigenous students who may face challenges in adapting to the new format.

Addressing Exam Centre Shortages

Highlighting a persistent concern, the student groups brought attention to the inadequate number of exam centers within the state. They stressed the importance of establishing CUET and other exam centers not only in the capital, Shillong, but also in all district headquarters. This strategic move aims to enhance accessibility and promote broader participation among students in higher education entrance exams.

Focusing on Equal Opportunities

The HYC and NEHUSU’s demands underscore their commitment to ensuring equal opportunities for indigenous students in Meghalaya’s higher education landscape. The call for reservations and specialized coaching centers reflects a proactive approach in adapting to the changing dynamics of university admissions.



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