Assam CM Hails 2023 as Most Successful Year for Anti-Drugs Operations

Assam CM

Assam’s Chief Minister proudly declared 2023 as the most successful year for anti-drugs operations in the state. Highlighting the relentless efforts of law enforcement agencies, the Chief Minister lauded their dedication in curbing the menace of drug trafficking.

During a recent press conference, the Chief Minister presented statistical evidence showcasing the significant strides made in combating drug-related crimes. He emphasized the importance of a multi-faceted approach involving stringent enforcement, community engagement, and rehabilitation programs.

According to the Chief Minister’s report, 2023 witnessed a notable increase in drug seizures across the state. The law enforcement agencies successfully intercepted numerous drug trafficking networks, leading to the apprehension of several notorious drug kingpins. These operations resulted in a substantial dent in the illicit drug trade, disrupting the supply chain and thwarting attempts to spread addiction among the youth.

Acknowledging the collaborative efforts of various agencies, including the police, paramilitary forces, and intelligence units, the Chief Minister expressed gratitude towards their unwavering commitment to safeguarding the state from the scourge of drugs.

Furthermore, the Chief Minister underscored the significance of preventive measures and awareness campaigns in deterring individuals from falling prey to drug abuse. He stressed the importance of educating the youth about the harmful consequences of drug addiction and fostering a culture of vigilance within communities.

In addition to enforcement measures, the government has been actively investing in rehabilitation programs aimed at providing support and assistance to individuals struggling with addiction. The Chief Minister reiterated the government’s commitment to ensuring access to treatment and rehabilitation services for those in need.

Looking ahead, the Chief Minister outlined plans for intensifying efforts to combat drug trafficking and strengthen the state’s anti-drugs infrastructure. He emphasized the importance of maintaining vigilance and cooperation among all stakeholders to sustain the momentum achieved in 2023.

The Chief Minister’s declaration of 2023 as the most successful year for anti-drugs operations in Assam reflects the concerted efforts of law enforcement agencies and the government’s unwavering determination to eradicate the scourge of drugs from the state.



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