Assam CM Says Manipur Situation Improving, Slams Congress

Assam CM says Manipur situation improving


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma recently expressed optimism about the prevailing situation in Manipur, a conflict-torn state in Northeast India. He emphasized that the situation has been rapidly improving and expects further positive developments within the next week or 10 days. Additionally, Sarma took the opportunity to criticize the Congress party for their alleged role in exacerbating the challenges faced by Manipur.

Positive Outlook for Manipur:

CM Himanta Biswa Sarma conveyed his satisfaction with the current state of affairs in Manipur, highlighting that the situation has significantly improved. With an optimistic tone, he expressed confidence that the progress made so far would continue, leading to further positive changes in the coming days.

Efforts for Peace and Stability:

The Assam Chief Minister attributed the improvements in Manipur to the concerted efforts of the state government, security forces, and the support of the local populace. He commended their collaborative work in ensuring peace and stability in the region, which has contributed to the positive trajectory of the situation.

Further Improvements Anticipated:

Building on the positive developments witnessed thus far, Sarma expressed his optimism about the near future, predicting additional improvements within a week or 10 days. While acknowledging the existing challenges, he emphasized the commitment of the government to address them effectively and foster an environment of lasting peace and progress.

Congress Criticized:

During his statement, Chief Minister Sarma also took the opportunity to criticize the Congress party for their perceived role in exacerbating the challenges faced by Manipur. He alleged that the party had contributed to the deterioration of the situation in the past, emphasizing the need for constructive policies and a proactive approach to resolving the state’s issues.

Government’s Commitment to Manipur’s Development:

CM Sarma reiterated the commitment of the Assam government to support Manipur’s development and ensure the well-being of its people. He emphasized the importance of continued cooperation and collaboration between the two states to overcome the existing challenges and build a prosperous future for Manipur.


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s positive assessment of the improving situation in Manipur reflects the ongoing efforts to restore peace and stability in the conflict-affected state. As he anticipates further progress within the next week or 10 days, the Assam government remains committed to supporting Manipur’s development and addressing the challenges that lie ahead.



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