Assam CM Urges Higher Education Access and Quality Boost

Assam CM

In a bid to boost the higher education landscape in Assam, Chief Minister emphasizes the imperative to elevate the state’s Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER). The GER is a crucial metric indicating the percentage of eligible students enrolled in higher education institutions.

Speaking at a recent event, CM underscored the need to bridge the gap in GER, emphasizing that higher enrollment contributes to socio-economic development. The CM expressed concern over the current figures and outlined plans to implement strategic measures to enhance educational access for Assam’s youth.

Highlighting the importance of quality education, CM stressed the role of higher education in empowering individuals and fostering economic growth. The government aims to implement policies that not only increase enrollment but also ensure academic excellence and relevance to the job market.

Addressing challenges such as accessibility and affordability, CM discussed the government’s commitment to establishing more educational institutions and providing financial assistance to deserving students. These initiatives are geared towards making higher education more inclusive and within reach for a larger segment of the population.

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The Chief Minister acknowledged the role of technology in education and hinted at plans to leverage digital platforms for learning. This move aligns with global trends in education technology and aims to enhance the overall educational experience for students in Assam.

Furthermore, CM called for collaborative efforts between the government, educational institutions, and the community to create a conducive environment for learning. Partnerships with private enterprises, non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders are envisioned to supplement government efforts in elevating Assam’s GER.

As Assam sets its sights on an ambitious goal for higher education, the Chief Minister’s proactive approach reflects the state’s commitment to nurturing a well-educated and skilled workforce. Further, the focus on inclusivity, quality, and innovation signals a positive trajectory for the future of higher education in Assam.



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