Assam Congress President got the Party in Trouble by Sharing Fake Opinion Polls on Tripura’s Elections


Voting is underway in Meghalaya and Nagaland. While the Tripura assembly elections have been completed on 17 February. The result of all the three states is to come on 02 March 2023. On the other hand, Assam Congress President Bhupen Kumar has brought the party into limelight by sharing a post on social media. Actually, Bhupen has shared a fake post to woo the voters, in which it is being shown that the Congress is crossing the majority mark in the Tripura Election Opinion Poll. While no opinion poll has been released yet. According to the Election Commission, an opinion poll will be released only after the elections in all the three states.

The Election Commission had simultaneously announced the dates for Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland assembly elections. Tripura on February 17, while in the other two states on February 27, the counting of votes has been fixed. The results of all the three states will come together on March 02.

An opinion poll will be released only after the voting is over on February 27. Now the question arises that from where Bhupen Kumar got this poll. Secondly, the opinion poll of the media shared by the Congress leader is not available anywhere on its web site. This post is completely edited and misleading. It has nothing to do with opinion polls. The Congress leader has done the work of spreading confusion among the voters to divert the voting taking place in other states.

At the same time, BBC has also termed this post of the Congress leader as fake and said that we never conduct election opinion polls. This is completely fake.



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