Assam Education Department Investigates Unauthorized Academic Pursuits by School Staff


The Directorate of Secondary Education, Assam, has launched an investigation into unauthorized academic pursuits by teachers and staff in violation of Rule 13 of the Assam Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1965.

Memo Issued to Defaulting Teachers

On Tuesday, the department issued a memorandum (Memo No. E-417782/18), signed by Mamata Hojai, Director of Secondary Education, Assam. The memo addresses concerns related to unauthorized academic pursuits by government servants and emphasizes the need for adherence to the rules governing such activities.

 Unauthorized Academic Pursuits

Rule Violations Highlighted

The memorandum explicitly cites Rule 13, stating, “No Government Servant while in Government Service shall join or attend any educational institution to prepare himself for or shall appear at an examination of a recognized Board or University without obtaining previous permission from the appointing authority.” The move aims to curb instances where academic pursuits are undertaken without proper authorization.

Instructions for Departmental Proceedings

The notice instructs all Inspector of Schools to initiate departmental proceedings against teaching and non-teaching staff of provincialized Secondary Schools who have acquired academic or professional qualifications without obtaining proper authorization. The violation of Rule 13 is subject to penalties as outlined in Rule 7 of the Assam Services (Discipline & Appeal) Rules, 1964.

Mamata Hojai stressed the importance of strict adherence to these rules to maintain the integrity of the educational system. Ensuring that government servants follow due procedure when seeking additional qualifications is crucial for upholding the standards of professionalism within the education sector.

Call for Thorough Investigation

The directive calls for a comprehensive investigation to ascertain whether Rule 13 has been violated and mandates the imposition of penalties accordingly. The move reflects the department’s commitment to maintaining discipline and accountability among education professionals.



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