Assam Eviction drive in Orang national park to clear animal corridor from ‘encroachers’


In a determined effort to secure vital animal corridors and protect the biodiversity of the region, the Assam government initiated a large-scale eviction drive in the picturesque Orang National Park on Sunday, May 28. The operation aims to remove alleged encroachments within the park, thereby ensuring unobstructed passage for wildlife and facilitating their natural movement across habitats.

Orang National Park, nestled in the heart of Assam, holds immense ecological significance as a sanctuary for numerous endangered and vulnerable species. The eviction drive comes as a response to concerns raised by environmentalists and conservationists regarding encroachments and human settlements that have encroached upon the park’s animal corridors. These corridors are critical for maintaining the delicate balance of the ecosystem and enabling the free movement of wildlife.

Led by a team of forest officials, law enforcement agencies, and local authorities, the eviction drive seeks to address the pressing issue of encroachment and restore the integrity of the animal corridors. The operation will focus on identifying and removing illegal structures and settlements within the park boundaries, ensuring that the natural habitats of the park remain unimpeded and undisturbed.

The eviction drive serves as a stern reminder of the Assam government’s commitment to wildlife conservation and the protection of its rich biodiversity. By securing the animal corridors in Orang National Park, the government aims to mitigate the adverse effects of human encroachment on wildlife populations, allowing them to roam freely, forage, and breed across their natural habitats.

Efforts are being made to ensure that the eviction drive is conducted in a sensitive manner, taking into account the well-being of the affected individuals. The government has also emphasized the importance of providing alternative housing and support to those affected by the eviction, striking a balance between conservation needs and the welfare of the local communities.

This proactive step by the Assam government reflects a growing recognition of the urgent need to preserve and protect the nation’s natural heritage. It underscores the significance of striking a harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife, wherein the interests of both are safeguarded for a sustainable future.

As the eviction drive progresses, the Assam government will continue to collaborate with environmental experts, local communities, and relevant stakeholders to ensure the success of this critical endeavor. The restoration of unimpeded animal corridors in Orang National Park will not only contribute to the conservation of endangered species but also reinforce Assam’s position as a leading advocate for wildlife protection and sustainable ecological practices.

The eviction drive in Orang National Park represents a vital milestone in the ongoing battle to safeguard India’s natural treasures. By creating a conducive environment for wildlife to flourish, Assam takes a bold step towards preserving its ecological heritage for generations to come.



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