Assam Exams: Three Years in Jail for Cheating


In a significant move, the Assam legislative assembly has introduced the “Assam Public Examination Bill,” imposing severe consequences for cheating in exams. The bill, presented during the ongoing budget session, outlines stringent measures to deter malpractices.

Three-Year Jail Term for Cheating

Under the proposed legislation, individuals caught cheating in exams could face a jail term of up to three years. This strict penalty is aimed at preserving the integrity of the examination system and promoting a fair environment for all students.

In addition to the potential three-year imprisonment, the bill proposes a substantial fine of Rs 10 lakh for those found guilty of cheating. The monetary penalty serves as an additional deterrent against engaging in fraudulent activities during examinations.

The bill goes even further by addressing the issue of leaked examination papers. Individuals involved in such malpractices could face a staggering fine of Rs 10 crore and a severe prison term of 10 years. This stern approach underscores the government’s commitment to eradicating corruption in the examination process.

Upholding Examination Integrity

The introduction of the Assam Public Examination Bill reflects the government’s determination to ensure the sanctity of examinations. By implementing strict measures and substantial penalties, the authorities aim to create a fair and transparent examination system that upholds academic honesty.



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