Assam Tourism Bill 2024 Aims to Revolutionize State’s Tourism Sector


In a significant stride towards the enhancement of Assam’s tourism industry, the Assam Tourism (Development and Registration) Bill was presented today on the floor of the Assam Legislative Assembly. Spearheaded by the state’s tourism minister, Jayanta Mallabaruah, the bill is poised to bring about a transformative impact by introducing regulations to streamline and elevate the tourism experience in the region.

The bill, a brainchild of Assam’s tourism minister Jayanta Mallabaruah, has been met with enthusiasm as it seeks to establish a robust regulatory framework for the state’s tourism sector. In a statement on the social media platform X, Mallabarua emphasized the significance of the legislation, stating, “Delighted to present the Assam Tourism (Development and Registration) Bill, 2024 before the Assam Legislative Assembly, today. Crafted under the leadership of Hon’ble CM Dr. @himantabiswa, this bill aims to institute a progressive regulatory framework for the state’s tourism sector.”

The main objectives of the bill revolve around fostering development and regulation within the tourism industry. By doing so, it aims to provide a structured and organized approach to tourism activities in Assam, ultimately contributing to the economic growth of the state.

One of the key features of the proposed legislation is its focus on promoting sustainable tourism practices. By implementing measures to protect and preserve the rich cultural and natural heritage of Assam, the bill aims to strike a balance between attracting tourists and ensuring the long-term well-being of the region.

Additionally, the Assam Tourism (Development and Registration) Bill is expected to address issues related to tourism infrastructure, safety standards, and the overall quality of services provided to visitors. Through comprehensive regulations, the government aims to create an environment that fosters positive tourism experiences, encouraging both domestic and international travelers to explore the diverse offerings of Assam.

The leadership of Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma is instrumental in shaping this progressive legislative initiative. With an emphasis on collaboration between the government and stakeholders in the tourism industry, the bill reflects a commitment to inclusive and sustainable development.

As the Assam Legislative Assembly deliberates on the proposed legislation, the anticipation is palpable, with stakeholders hoping for its swift approval. If enacted, the Assam Tourism (Development and Registration) Bill, 2024 has the potential to set a precedent for other states, showcasing the importance of thoughtful regulation in nurturing and sustaining a flourishing tourism sector.

The introduction of the Assam Tourism (Development and Registration) Bill marks a pivotal moment in the state’s journey towards redefining its tourism landscape. With a focus on regulation, sustainability, and overall enhancement, the bill signals a positive trajectory for Assam’s tourism sector, promising a brighter and more organized future for all those who choose to explore the enchanting beauty of the state.



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