Assam Forest Minister releases giraffe and zebras at states zoo in Guwahati


Guwahati witnessed an exciting development in its wildlife conservation efforts as the Assam Environment and Forest Minister, Chandra Mohan Patowary, took a significant step by officially introducing a magnificent giraffe and two captivating zebras to the Assam State Zoo & Botanical Garden. The event, held on Monday, marked a remarkable milestone for the state’s conservation initiatives.

The Assam State Zoo, located in the heart of Guwahati, has long been recognized as a prominent center for wildlife preservation and education. With the addition of a giraffe and two zebras, the zoo’s diverse collection has expanded further, providing visitors with an opportunity to marvel at these awe-inspiring creatures from afar.

The official release of the giraffe and zebras was met with enthusiasm and excitement from both wildlife enthusiasts and local residents. Patowary expressed his delight at the expansion of the zoo’s animal population, emphasizing the importance of conservation efforts in preserving biodiversity and creating awareness about endangered species.

The giraffe, known for its long neck and distinctive spots, is a remarkable addition to the zoo. Native to the African continent, this elegant creature symbolizes grace and majesty. Its presence in the Assam State Zoo will undoubtedly captivate visitors, offering them a rare opportunity to observe and learn about this extraordinary species up close.

Accompanying the giraffe are two zebras, renowned for their striking black and white stripes. These equine marvels add a touch of exoticism to the zoo and are sure to become a favorite among both children and adults. The zebras’ unique appearance and intriguing social behavior make them fascinating subjects for study and admiration.

The Assam State Zoo & Botanical Garden has always played a crucial role in wildlife conservation and promoting environmental awareness in the region. The inclusion of the giraffe and zebras in its collection further enhances its status as a leading center for preserving biodiversity and educating the public about the importance of wildlife conservation.

Visitors to the zoo will now have the opportunity to witness the magnificence of giraffes and zebras firsthand. The Assam Environment and Forest Department, in collaboration with the zoo’s dedicated staff, will ensure the well-being and welfare of these new inhabitants, providing them with a safe and natural habitat that replicates their native environments as closely as possible.

As the news of this significant addition spreads, it is expected to attract wildlife enthusiasts and tourists from far and wide. The Assam State Zoo & Botanical Garden’s efforts in expanding its collection demonstrate the state’s commitment to conserving endangered species and promoting biodiversity conservation.

With the presence of the giraffe and zebras, the Assam State Zoo continues to be a valuable institution that not only entertains but also educates visitors about the wonders of the animal kingdom. This latest development marks a promising chapter in Assam’s conservation journey, inspiring a deeper appreciation for wildlife and the need to protect it for future generations.



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