Assam Government’s Mission Basundhara 2.0: Land for Indigenous Families


In a significant decision, the Assam government, during its recent cabinet meeting, unveiled plans to grant land settlement benefits to more than 1500 landless indigenous households across 13 districts.

Mission Basundhara 2.0 Initiative

This progressive step is part of the Mission Basundhara 2.0 initiative, a strategic move to facilitate land settlement for indigenous households lacking land in Assam. The beneficiaries, totaling 1540 households, will be scattered across districts such as Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, Charaideo, Sonitpur, and more.

Mukhymantri Awas Yojana: Housing for All

In tandem with land settlement, the Assam government is set to construct around 1.3 lakh houses under the Mukhymantri Awas Yojana scheme. This initiative complements the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, specifically targeting those who haven’t received benefits from the central government’s scheme.

In addition to land settlement and housing projects, the Assam government has sanctioned diverse land allocations to address different needs. This includes 61 annual patta conversions to periodic patta, 16 land allotments for educational institutions (both governmental and private), 128 allocations to NGOs/societies, and 96 allocations to various government institutions.

Proactive Measures for Land Reservation

The Assam cabinet’s approval of 197 proposals for the reservation of VGR/PGR land is a noteworthy move. This is balanced by an equivalent land reservation for landless indigenous families across multiple districts, showcasing the government’s commitment to addressing landlessness and promoting socio-economic empowerment in Assam.

This multifaceted approach signifies a proactive stance in fostering stability and progress, emphasizing the government’s dedication to uplift indigenous populations and build a more inclusive and equitable society.



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