Assam Government’s Sewa Setu Portal: A Leap Towards Citizen-Centric Governance


In a remarkable stride towards enhancing citizen-centric governance, the Assam government has recently introduced the Sewa Setu Portal – a revolutionary platform offering over 500 government services at the fingertips of its residents. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between the government and the people, making administrative functions more accessible, efficient, and convenient.

Since its launch, the Sewa Setu Portal has witnessed an overwhelming response, with over 1 crore applications received. What sets this initiative apart is its impressive disposal rate of 85 percent, highlighting the government’s commitment to promptly addressing the needs of the citizens. This proactive approach ensures that the services are not only accessible but also efficiently delivered.

The Sewa Setu initiative is designed as a comprehensive platform, offering a diverse range of services that cater to the varied needs of the populace. The official website outlines the extensive list of services, including ARTPS Notified Services, Services Available Online, PFC Services, CSC Services, Land & Revenue, and Popular Services. This breadth ensures that citizens can conveniently access information and avail themselves of essential services in one centralized location.

At the core of Sewa Setu is the concept of bringing government services directly to the doorsteps of citizens. This is a transformative shift in the traditional model of bureaucratic interactions. By leveraging technology, the Assam government is breaking down barriers, making governance more accessible and user-friendly.

The portal boasts an easy-to-navigate interface, making it user-friendly for individuals of all backgrounds and age groups. Important links are prominently displayed, offering quick access to various services. This simplicity is crucial in ensuring that even those less familiar with digital platforms can benefit from the Sewa Setu initiative.

Sewa Setu is more than just a portal; it serves as a one-stop solution for citizens seeking information and services from the government. Whether one is looking for land-related documentation, online services, or information on popular services, the portal consolidates all relevant resources in a centralized hub.

The success of the Sewa Setu Portal in Assam could serve as a blueprint for other regions to adopt similar citizen-centric models. As governments strive to make governance more inclusive and responsive, initiatives like Sewa Setu showcase the potential of leveraging technology for the greater good.

The Assam government’s Sewa Setu Portal marks a significant leap towards fostering a more citizen-centric governance model. With its impressive reach, comprehensive services, and commitment to efficiency, this initiative stands as a shining example of how technology can be harnessed to bring government services closer to the people, ensuring a more connected and responsive administration.



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