Assam Ignites Minds: 31st State-Level Children’s Science Congress Lights Up Haflong


Nestled in scenic Haflong, Assam, the 31st State-Level Children’s Science Congress unfolds, marking a milestone in the region’s scientific landscape. Organized by the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council with local NGOs Blue Hills Society and Dawn of Change, this event signifies Assam’s commitment to nurturing young scientific minds.

Assam’s Scientific Aspirations in Haflong

The picturesque setting provides the backdrop for this intellectual extravaganza, where the scientific prowess of Assam’s youth takes center stage. The collaborative efforts of the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council and local NGOs underscore Assam’s dedication to fostering a culture of scientific curiosity and innovation among its younger generation.

Since 1992, the Assam Science Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC), Society for Socio-Economic Awareness & Environmental Protection (SSEAEP), Nagaon, and Bharat Jana Vigyan Jatha (BJVJ) have orchestrated this science congress across districts. The involvement of these organizations reflects Assam’s commitment to providing a robust platform for budding scientists to showcase their talents and ideas.

Diverse Participation and Ministerial Inauguration

Against Haflong’s scenic beauty, the congress witnesses enthusiastic junior scientists presenting a remarkable array of 260 projects. Themes range from invigorating to innovative, showcasing the depth of creativity and scientific methodology employed by these young minds.

The inauguration was a momentous occasion, graced by the Minister for Health and Family Welfare, officially declaring the event open. Nandita Garlosa, Minister for Power, Sports & Youth Welfare, along with other dignitaries, added to the inaugural charm.

Notable Dignitaries and Collaborative Spirit

Key figures, including Council Executive Members Samuel Changsan (in charge of Medical), Lalremsiama Darnei (in charge of Secondary Education), and NCHAC Principal Secretary Thai Tsho Daulagupu, among others, lent their support. Their presence underscores the significance of this science congress in promoting scientific education and awareness not just locally but across Assam.

As the 31st State-Level Children’s Science Congress unfolds in Haflong, it not only showcases the scientific ingenuity of Assam’s youth but exemplifies the collaborative spirit driving the scientific community in the state. Assam, with its rich cultural heritage, now adds another feather to its cap, celebrating the wonders of science in the picturesque landscapes of Haflong.



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