Assam Lok Sabha Election 2024: Voting Video Posted on Facebook, Probe Initiated

Assam Lok Sabha Election 2024

The Assam Lok Sabha Election 2024 has been marred by controversy as a video of an individual casting his vote was recorded and posted on Facebook. The individual in question, identified as Swmkwr Brahma, has come under scrutiny for sharing the video, which has raised concerns about the sanctity of the voting process.

The video, which surfaced on social media, shows Brahma casting his vote at a polling booth during the ongoing Lok Sabha elections in Assam. The footage has sparked outrage among election officials and the public alike, prompting swift action to address the matter.

The District Election Officer in Kokrajhar has launched an investigation into the incident to determine the circumstances surrounding the recording and posting of the video. Authorities are keen to ascertain whether any laws or election guidelines were violated in the process.

The sharing of videos or images depicting the voting process is strictly prohibited under election laws, as it has the potential to compromise the secrecy and integrity of the electoral process. Such actions not only undermine the democratic principles of free and fair elections but also raise concerns about potential electoral malpractice.

In light of the incident, election officials have emphasized the importance of adhering to electoral guidelines and maintaining the confidentiality of the voting process. They have urged the public to refrain from recording or sharing videos or images inside polling booths to uphold the integrity of the electoral process.

The investigation into the matter is ongoing, and authorities are working to identify the individuals involved in recording and sharing the video. Depending on the findings of the investigation, appropriate action will be taken to address any violations of election laws or guidelines.

The incident serves as a reminder of the need for vigilance and adherence to electoral protocols during elections. With voting underway in Assam and across the country, it is imperative that all stakeholders, including voters and election officials, uphold the highest standards of conduct to ensure the integrity and credibility of the electoral process.

As the investigation progresses, authorities are hopeful that swift action will be taken to address any lapses or violations and to uphold the integrity of the democratic process. The outcome of the investigation will be crucial in ensuring that such incidents are not repeated in future elections, safeguarding the sanctity of the electoral process in Assam and beyond.



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