Assam Mime Artist Minangka Deka Wins Yuva Pratibha Shilpi Puraskar

Yuva Pratibha

In a momentous occasion celebrating artistic talent, the North East Zone Cultural Centre, under the auspices of the Government of India, has bestowed the prestigious ‘Yuva Pratibha Shilpi Puraskar’ for the year 2021-2022 upon Minangka Deka, a promising mime artist hailing from Assam.

Deka’s remarkable achievements and contributions to the art of mime have garnered widespread acclaim and recognition, culminating in this esteemed accolade. His dedication, creativity, and mastery of the craft have earned him a place of honor among his peers in the artistic community.

Born and raised in Assam, Deka discovered his passion for mime at a young age and devoted himself wholeheartedly to honing his skills. His performances are characterized by their expressive gestures, intricate movements, and captivating storytelling, captivating audiences with their depth and emotive power.

The ‘Yuva Pratibha Shilpi Puraskar’ serves as a testament to Deka’s exceptional talent and artistic vision, affirming his status as a rising star in the realm of mime. The award not only recognizes his past accomplishments but also heralds the promise of future success and innovation in his artistic journey.

Deka’s Gratitude

Upon receiving the award, Deka expressed profound gratitude to the North East Zone Cultural Centre and the Government of India for their support and recognition. He dedicated the honor to his mentors, family, and the rich cultural heritage of Assam, which has been a constant source of inspiration throughout his artistic endeavors.

Deka’s win has been met with jubilation and pride in Assam, where he is celebrated as a shining example of the state’s vibrant artistic community. His achievement serves as a source of encouragement for aspiring artists and underscores the importance of preserving and promoting traditional art forms in the modern age.

As he continues to pursue his artistic ambitions, Deka remains committed to pushing the boundaries of mime and exploring new avenues for creative expression. His journey serves as a reminder of the transformative power of art to transcend boundaries, bridge cultures, and inspire change.

In honoring Minangka Deka with the ‘Yuva Pratibha Shilpi Puraskar,’ the North East Zone Cultural Centre and the Government of India have not only recognized his individual talent but also celebrated the rich cultural heritage of Assam and the Northeast region as a whole. Deka’s win is a testament to the region’s artistic vitality and its potential to captivate audiences both nationally and globally.



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