Assam Opposition Forum Threatens Sit-in Against CAA During PM’s Visit


The Assam Opposition Forum has issued a threat to organize a sit-in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) during the Prime Minister’s upcoming visit to the state. The forum, comprising various opposition parties and civil society organizations, aims to voice their opposition to the controversial legislation during the Prime Minister’s visit.

The decision to stage a sit-in protest comes amid ongoing debates and protests against the CAA, which has been a contentious issue in Assam and other parts of the country. Critics argue that the law discriminates against certain religious communities and poses a threat to the secular fabric of the nation.

The Assam Opposition Forum, in a statement, expressed its resolve to continue its opposition to the CAA until the legislation is repealed. The forum maintains that the CAA goes against the spirit of the Indian Constitution and undermines the rights of indigenous communities in Assam.

The announcement of the sit-in protest during the Prime Minister’s visit underscores the deep-seated opposition to the CAA among various segments of society in Assam. The forum aims to use the opportunity of the Prime Minister’s visit to highlight their concerns and demand the repeal of the controversial legislation.

The sit-in protest is expected to draw participation from a wide cross-section of society, including political leaders, activists, and concerned citizens. The forum has vowed to make their voices heard and put pressure on the government to address their grievances regarding the CAA.

The Assam Opposition Forum’s decision to stage a sit-in protest reflects the growing discontent and frustration among the people of Assam over the implementation of the CAA. The legislation has sparked widespread protests and unrest in the state, with many expressing concerns about its potential implications for the demographic and cultural landscape of Assam.

As preparations for the Prime Minister’s visit continue, authorities are bracing for potential protests and demonstrations by the Assam Opposition Forum and other groups opposed to the CAA. Security measures are expected to be heightened to ensure the safety and security of all stakeholders during the visit.

The Assam Opposition Forum’s threat to organize a sit-in protest against the CAA during the Prime Minister’s visit underscores the ongoing controversy surrounding the legislation in the state. The forum’s decision reflects the determination of various opposition parties and civil society organizations to continue their opposition to the CAA until their concerns are addressed.



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