Assam Police and Forest Department Rescue 52 Exotic Birds and Animals


In a joint effort, Assam Police and the Forest Department executed a successful rescue operation in Hailakandi district near the Mizoram border, resulting in the rescue of 52 exotic birds and animals.

The rescued creatures, including Black Lories, Red & Blue Lories, Babirusa Swines, and Hornbills, are suspected to originate from Indonesia.

Acting on specific information, authorities launched the operation in the Bilaipur area on Friday morning, leading to the successful rescue of the exotic creatures.

During the operation, two smugglers were apprehended, shedding light on their involvement in the illegal wildlife trade.

Investigations revealed that the smugglers received the consignment in Mizoram and planned to transport the exotic creatures to West Bengal for sale.

Moinuddin Ali and Samsul Haque, both residents of Assam’s Hojai area, have been identified as the arrested smugglers.

Authorities suspect that the consignment, likely transported through Myanmar, originated in Indonesia, considering the native habitat of the rescued birds.

The rescued animals are currently housed in a secure location and are slated to be transferred to the Assam Zoo in Guwahati. Further investigations into the matter are ongoing.



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