Assam Police Seize Drugs Worth Rs 12 Crore in Guwahati


Assam Police successfully seized drugs valued at Rs 12 crore in Guwahati’s Khanapara area. The operation, conducted by the Special Task Force (STF), led to the interception of a substantial drug haul and the apprehension of two individuals.

Acting on intelligence inputs, the STF launched a targeted operation to disrupt the drug trafficking network operating in the region. During the operation, officers intercepted a Wagonr car and conducted a thorough search, leading to the discovery of approximately one and a half kilograms of heroin hidden within the vehicle.

The seizure marks a major victory for law enforcement agencies in their ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking and related crimes in Assam. The intercepted drugs, with an estimated street value of Rs 12 crore, would have posed a significant threat to public health and safety if they had reached their intended destination.

Following the seizure, the two individuals responsible for transporting the illegal substances were promptly apprehended by the police. They are currently in custody, facing charges related to drug trafficking and possession with intent to distribute.

The successful operation highlights the dedication and vigilance of Assam Police in tackling the scourge of drug trafficking. By disrupting such criminal activities, law enforcement authorities aim to safeguard communities and prevent the harmful effects of drug abuse on individuals and society as a whole.

The Assam Police have reiterated their commitment to combating drug trafficking and have called on the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or information related to the illegal drug trade. Through coordinated efforts and proactive measures, authorities strive to stem the flow of drugs and dismantle the networks responsible for their distribution.

The seizure of drugs worth Rs 12 crore underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies and the community in addressing the menace of drug trafficking. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges posed by illicit drugs and the need for sustained efforts to curb their proliferation.

Perhaps, the successful operation reflects the determination of Assam Police to uphold the rule of law and ensure the safety and well-being of citizens across the state.



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