Assam Rifles Seizes 188kg Marijuana Worth Rs 84 Lakh in Tripura


In a joint operation, the Assam Rifles and the Customs Department have intercepted a significant quantity of marijuana in Tripura. The seizure, totaling 188 kilograms, holds an estimated value of Rs 84.60 lakh. This successful crackdown on illegal narcotics signifies a significant blow to drug trafficking networks operating in the region.

Acting on intelligence inputs, the security forces launched a targeted operation to apprehend the perpetrators involved in the illicit trade of narcotics. The operation culminated in the confiscation of a substantial quantity of marijuana, preventing its distribution into the market and curbing the associated criminal activities.

The seized marijuana, valued at over Rs 84 lakh, highlights the persistent efforts of law enforcement agencies to combat drug trafficking and ensure the safety and well-being of communities. The coordinated action by the Assam Rifles and the Customs Department underscores their commitment to upholding the rule of law and maintaining peace and security in the region.

Authorities have initiated further legal proceedings to address the unlawful possession and trafficking of narcotics. This enforcement action serves as a deterrent to individuals and groups involved in illicit drug activities, sending a clear message that such criminal behavior will not be tolerated.

All About It

The seizure of 188 kilograms of marijuana is a significant achievement in the ongoing efforts to combat drug-related crimes in Tripura. It reflects the dedication and vigilance of law enforcement agencies in intercepting illegal substances and disrupting the operations of drug syndicates.

The Assam Rifles and the Customs Department continue to collaborate closely to identify and dismantle drug trafficking networks operating across state borders. Through intelligence-driven operations and strategic enforcement measures, they aim to eradicate the menace of drug abuse and safeguard the well-being of communities.

The successful interception of the marijuana consignment underscores the importance of robust border security measures and inter-agency cooperation in combating transnational crimes. It also underscores the need for continued vigilance and proactive measures to counter the evolving threats posed by drug trafficking and related criminal activities.



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