Assam: Son kills Dad , lives with body for three days ;Two others murdered 


In an unusual and tragic incident, a 35-year-old adopted son brutally murdered his 50-year-old father with a sharp knife in Tinsukia district of upper Assam. The motive behind the gruesome act was revealed to be the father’s refusal to provide money for the son’s drug consumption. The accused, identified as Arindam Dutta, had been living with his father’s lifeless body for three days before the crime came to light.

Tinsukia police, reporting the incident to Borok Times, disclosed that Arindam Dutta confessed to the murder after his arrest. The macabre episode unfolded when neighbors noticed the accused eating “Panipuri” at a nearby stall and questioned why he wasn’t having breakfast at home.

The discovery of the crime prompted immediate action, with a health worker and the police summoned to the scene. The lifeless body was found in an open room, leading to a comprehensive investigation.

“As the interrogation and investigation reach their final stages, more facts and findings will be shared with the media. Evidences have been collected, and the body has been sent for autopsy. The accused will be presented before judicial proceedings, and petitions for police remand will be filed if required,” stated the police.

The incident sheds light on the escalating impact of drug abuse on crime rates in upper Assam. Meanwhile, another tragic incident unfolded under the jurisdiction of Gohpur police station, where a father and son were stabbed to death, adding to the alarming trend of violence in the region.



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