Assam: ‘Waris Punjab De’ Leader Amritpal Singh Writes Letter In Jail, Hands Over To Wife

Amritpal Singh writes letter in jail

In a recent development, Amritpal Singh, a prominent figure and leader of the group ‘Waris Punjab De’, reportedly passed a letter written in Gurumukhi script to his wife. The incident took place in Dibrugarh, capturing the attention of local authorities and community members.

Amritpal Singh, known for his active involvement in promoting the cultural heritage of Punjab, has been held in custody for undisclosed reasons. The letter, believed to contain significant information, was discreetly handed over to his wife during a visit to the detention facility.

The contents of the letter remain undisclosed, adding an air of intrigue to the situation. Members of ‘Waris Punjab De’ have expressed concern over Amritpal Singh’s well-being and the circumstances leading to his detainment. They believe that the letter may shed light on the reasons behind his arrest or offer insights into his current situation.

The Gurumukhi script, traditionally used to write Punjabi, adds a unique dimension to the story. While the script may pose challenges for those unfamiliar with it, the community eagerly awaits any potential breakthroughs that the letter’s contents may provide.

Local authorities have acknowledged the receipt of the letter but have not divulged any specific details about its content or their intentions regarding its investigation. They have assured concerned parties that due process will be followed, and Amritpal Singh’s case will be handled appropriately.

Meanwhile, supporters of ‘Waris Punjab De’ have begun rallying around Amritpal Singh, advocating for transparency and fair treatment. They assert that his contributions to promoting Punjabi culture and heritage should not be disregarded, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive examination of the circumstances surrounding his arrest.

As the investigation unfolds, the people of Dibrugarh and beyond eagerly await updates on the letter’s contents and its potential impact on Amritpal Singh’s situation. In the midst of this ongoing saga, the hope for justice and a better understanding of the events leading up to his detainment remains paramount.



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