Assamese Films Shine at Northeast India Film Festival in Manipur


The recently concluded North East India Film Festival (NEIFF 2024) held at the Palace Auditorium of the Manipur State Film Development Society in Imphal showcased the outstanding creativity and cinematic brilliance of the Northeastern region.

Assamese Films Take Center Stage

The festival highlighted two exceptional Assamese films, “Before Spring” directed by Shrutismriti Changkakoti and “Ata Nirjon Duporiya” directed by Khanjan Kishore Nath. “Before Spring” secured the prestigious Special Jury Award, while “Ata Nirjon Duporiya” received the esteemed Special Mentioned Award, reaffirming the talent and craftsmanship of Assamese filmmakers.

“Rapture,” directed by Dominic Sangma from Meghalaya, clinched the coveted Best Film Award, showcasing the cinematic prowess and storytelling finesse of filmmakers from the region.

Haobam Paban Kumar of Manipur was honored with the Best Director award for his remarkable work in ‘Joseph’s Son,’ a poignant exploration of human emotions and relationships. The festival also recognized excellence in various technical categories, with Parthajit Baruah winning the Best Screenplay award for ‘Nellier Kotha,’ Jayant Sethu Mathavan honored for Best Cinematography in ‘Before Spring,’ and Kuldip Baruah acclaimed for Best Editing in ‘Samarpan.’

The Best Sound Award went to Amrit Pritam and Debajit Changmai for their outstanding contributions to ‘Gorai Pakhri,’ highlighting the collaborative efforts of talented technicians in shaping the auditory landscape of cinema.

Organized by THOUNA Manipur in collaboration with Film Forum Manipur, the Directorate of Information and Public Relations, and the Department of Art and Culture, Government of Manipur, NEIFF 2024 received sponsorship from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. The festival, held from March 3, 2024, provided a platform for filmmakers and artists from the northeastern region to showcase their creativity and connect with audiences.

Addressing the gathering, M. Joy Singh, Commissioner of IPR, lauded the festival for fostering cultural exchange and artistic expression. He emphasized the festival’s significance as a journey into the diverse human experiences portrayed by filmmakers from across the North East, transcending geographical boundaries and fostering unity and solidarity.

Renowned Tangkhul Naga artist Guru Rewben Mashangva from Manipur received the Jury Award for Outstanding Performance for his stellar portrayal in ‘Joseph’s Son,’ adding another feather to the cap of northeastern talent showcased at the festival.

The closing ceremony was attended by esteemed personalities from the film industry, underscoring the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie that defines the vibrant cultural landscape of North East India.



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