Assamese Short Film ‘The Old Man’s Ode’ Set to Shine at Kolkata Film Festival


Saurav Roy’s Assamese Creation Takes Center Stage

Renowned filmmaker Saurav Roy is making waves once again as his Assamese short film, “The Old Man’s Ode,” is set to compete at the esteemed 29th Kolkata International Film Festival. This comes as Roy’s second venture in the Assamese language, following the well-received “You Always/You Never,” which garnered attention at various international film festivals.

Captivating Narrative with Acclaimed Artists

“The Old Man’s Ode” unfolds its narrative with the brilliance of acclaimed theater artists Ranajyoti Baruah and Achintya Sarma. The picturesque backdrop of the Brahmaputra River in Dibrugarh serves as the canvas for this artistic endeavor.

Screening Details at Kolkata International Film Festival

Film enthusiasts can catch the screening of “The Old Man’s Ode” at the Nandan and Sisir Mancha theaters in Kolkata on December 7 and 12, respectively. The film promises a captivating cinematic experience for the audience.

Assamese Short Film 'The Old Man’s Ode

Saurav Roy’s Cinematic Journey

Hailing from Dibrugarh and currently based in Mumbai, Saurav Roy expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to showcase his film at the Kolkata International Film Festival. His dedication to storytelling, especially narratives resonating with the Assamese community, shines through in his work. Roy aims to present the beauty of Assam to a global audience through his cinematic creations.

Embracing Assamese Culture on the Global Stage

“The Old Man’s Ode” stands as a testament to Roy’s commitment to bringing Assamese culture to the forefront of the global cinematic landscape. By featuring acclaimed artists and exploring Assam’s scenic locales, the film contributes to the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

Key Information:

  • Director: Saurav Roy
  • Language: Assamese
  • Featuring: Ranajyoti Baruah, Achintya Sarma
  • Screening Dates: December 7 and 12 at Nandan and Sisir Mancha theaters in Kolkata

Experience the Essence of Assamese Cinema

As Saurav Roy’s “The Old Man’s Ode” competes at the Kolkata International Film Festival, it invites audiences to delve into the unique narrative woven with cultural richness. The film serves as a bridge, connecting Assam’s storytelling heritage with the world.



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