Assam’s ‘Buddy Voter’ Programme Empowers New Voters in Kamrup

'Buddy Voter

In an effort to empower and educate new voters in Kamrup, Assam, a pioneering initiative called the “Buddy Voter” programme was organized under the guidance of District Election Officer Keerthi Jalli. The programme aims to foster a sense of mentorship and camaraderie among voters, particularly those who are participating in the electoral process for the first time.

The Buddy Voter programme seeks to address the challenges and concerns faced by new voters by providing them with guidance and support throughout the electoral process. Through this initiative, experienced voters are paired with first-time voters, known as “buddy voters,” who receive personalized assistance and information to help them navigate the voting process effectively.

District Election Officer Keerthi Jalli emphasized the importance of ensuring that every eligible citizen is able to exercise their democratic right to vote freely and without any obstacles. The Buddy Voter programme serves as a platform to educate voters about their rights and responsibilities, as well as to encourage greater participation in the electoral process.

The initiative includes various activities and engagements designed to engage and inform new voters. These may include interactive workshops, voter awareness campaigns, and outreach programmes conducted in collaboration with local communities and educational institutions.

Through the Buddy Voter programme, participants have the opportunity to learn about the significance of voting, the electoral system, and the importance of making informed choices during elections. By fostering a supportive environment and facilitating peer-to-peer learning, the programme aims to instill confidence and a sense of civic duty among new voters.

The initiative also underscores the role of active citizenship in strengthening democracy and promoting inclusive governance. By encouraging voter engagement and participation, the Buddy Voter programme contributes to the democratic process by ensuring that the voices of all citizens are heard and represented.

As the Buddy Voter programme gains momentum, it serves as a testament to the commitment of election authorities and community leaders to promote democratic values and principles. Through collaborative efforts and innovative initiatives, such as the Buddy Voter programme, Assam continues to set an example for effective citizen engagement and electoral participation.



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