Three Major Rabha Bodies Extend Support to BJP Candidates

BJP members

Three major Rabha bodies have declared their unwavering support for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidates in Assam. The Rabha bodies, namely the Rabha Hasong Joint Action Committee (RHJAC), Rabha Students’ Union (RSU), and Rabha Sahitya Sabha (RSS), made this announcement during a joint press conference held in the state capital.

The leaders of these Rabha bodies expressed their confidence in the leadership of the BJP and emphasized their belief in the party’s commitment to addressing the concerns and aspirations of the Rabha community. They cited various developmental initiatives undertaken by the BJP-led government at both the state and central levels, which they believe have positively impacted the lives of the people, including those belonging to the Rabha community.

During the press conference, the representatives of the Rabha bodies highlighted specific issues faced by their community and articulated their expectations from the political leadership. They stressed the importance of inclusive development, infrastructure enhancement in Rabha-dominated areas, and measures to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the Rabha community.

The endorsement from these prominent Rabha bodies is expected to bolster the BJP’s electoral prospects in regions with a significant Rabha population. It also reflects the growing political influence of the BJP among diverse ethnic communities in Assam.

Reacting to the endorsement, BJP leaders expressed gratitude to the Rabha bodies for their support and reaffirmed the party’s commitment to working tirelessly for the welfare of all sections of society. They assured that the BJP would continue to prioritize the interests of the Rabha community and work towards addressing their concerns effectively.

With the support of these major Rabha bodies, the BJP aims to consolidate its position in Assam and secure a strong mandate in the upcoming elections. The endorsement also underscores the evolving political dynamics in the state, with various communities aligning themselves with parties that they believe can best represent their interests and aspirations.

As the election campaign intensifies, the endorsement from the Rabha bodies is poised to have a significant impact on the electoral landscape of Assam, shaping the political fortunes of the contesting parties.



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