Assam’s ‘Chota Cop’ Initiative Boosts Child Road Safety


For enhancing road safety awareness in Assam, the state has introduced the ‘Chota cop’ project. This innovative initiative aims to instill a sense of responsibility and adherence to traffic rules among the younger generation.

Under the ‘Chota cop’ project, children are appointed as junior traffic wardens and are equipped with miniature traffic signal replicas and whistles. The intent is to educate them about road safety measures while empowering them to play a role in spreading awareness within their communities.

The project’s launch ceremony featured enthusiastic participation from school children who eagerly embraced their roles as ‘Chota cops.’ Dressed in reflective vests resembling those worn by traffic police officers, the junior wardens took part in interactive sessions to learn about traffic signals, pedestrian safety, and the importance of wearing helmets.

The ‘Chota cop’ initiative is not only a creative approach to educating children but also serves as a community-building effort. By involving youngsters in promoting road safety, the project aims to create a ripple effect, influencing parents, relatives, and the community at large.

Prioritizing Road Safety

Assam’s commitment to road safety is further underscored by initiatives that bridge the gap between formal education and real-world application. The ‘Chota cop’ project represents a hands-on, engaging method to educate children about the importance of following traffic rules from a young age.

This initiative aligns with broader efforts across the country to reduce road accidents and create a culture of responsible driving. By starting with the younger generation, Assam seeks to cultivate a mindset of road safety consciousness that will persist into adulthood.

The ‘Chota cop’ project stands out as a noteworthy example of how states can employ innovative methods to address societal issues. Through a combination of education, community involvement, and creative engagement, Assam’s initiative aims to contribute to a safer and more responsible road culture. As the junior traffic wardens take on their roles with zeal, they not only become ambassadors for road safety but also embody the potential for positive change within their communities.



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