Assam’s Dhubri Police Detained Six Drug Peddlers With Narcotics


Assam’s Dhubri police have seized a huge amount of addictive substances (Narcotics). The Dhubri detained four drug peddlers on Wednesday and arrested two more of them on September 1st from the Dhubri Bidyaparab area.

On the night of 31st August, Wednesday, The Dhubri police led down a raid operation and were successfully able to seize 16 containers of suspected brown substance, addictive contrabands with an amount of cash from Sahjahan Khandakar and Nur Khan, and others of Dhubri town.

Of four of the detained accused persons, two of them are veteran drug peddlers and Dhubri police is on a mission to catch the alleged drug peddlers.

The accused arrested includes, Sikander Ali and a woman drug peddlers, along with suspected 50 brown sugar containers and empty cases.

Hiren Kumar Deka DySP (P) of Dhubri Sadar stated that they detained drug peddlers on Wednesday from Dhubri town and interrogated them and based on the information from the interrogation they successfully detained two more drug peddlers, Sikander Ali and a woman along with suspected addictive substances from Dhubri Town of Assam.