Assam’s Grand Tribute: Unveiling the Heroic Legacy of Bir Lachit Barphukan


In a significant stride towards preserving and celebrating the rich history of Assam, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma recently reviewed the progress of various developmental initiatives, prominently featuring the grand statue of Bir Lachit Barphukan in Hollongapar. This monumental undertaking, built at a cost of Rs 175 crore, is poised to become Assam’s glorious tribute to the legendary General whose heroics played a pivotal role in saving the state from falling into Mughal hands.

The 150-foot bronze statue of Lachit Barphukan, a symbol of resilience and valiance, is set to be unveiled in the coming weeks. This monumental structure stands not only as a physical representation but also as a testament to the indomitable spirit of Assam and its historical significance.

One of the focal points of this comprehensive project is the grand museum and interpretation center that will be erected, providing visitors with an immersive experience into the life and achievements of Bir Lachit Barphukan. Through audio-visual and pictorial representation, the center aims to offer a 360-degree surround experience, allowing visitors to delve deep into the historical narrative of this legendary figure.

Additionally, a war museum will complement this tribute, featuring galleries housing significant artifacts and relics that showcase the grandness of the Ahom Kingdom and, in particular, the extraordinary feats of Lachit Barphukan. This curated collection will serve as a window into the past, offering a glimpse of the strategic brilliance and valor that defined the era.

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, taking to platform X, expressed his enthusiasm about the ongoing progress and discussions, emphasizing the importance of these initiatives for the cultural and historical landscape of Assam. The proposed visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi further underscores the national significance of this endeavor.

As the statue’s unveiling draws near, anticipation builds not just within Assam but across the nation. The project stands as a beacon of remembrance, ensuring that the heroic legacy of Bir Lachit Barphukan continues to inspire generations to come. Through the combined efforts of the government, the people of Assam, and the tribute’s architects, this initiative is set to weave a vibrant tapestry of history, culture, and valor, showcasing the resilience of a region that takes pride in its roots and commemorates its heroes.



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