Assam’s ‘Turtle Man’ Pranab Malakar Strives to Save Endangered Turtles

Turtle Man

Pranab Malakar, fondly known as the “Turtle Man of India,” has dedicated his life to the noble cause of saving endangered turtles in Assam. His relentless efforts and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in conserving these precious reptiles, preventing them from facing extinction. Despite his solitary endeavors, Malakar faces increasing challenges in continuing his conservation work without the support of the community.

For years, Malakar has been a solitary figure in his mission to protect Assam’s turtles. His deep passion for wildlife preservation led him to embark on this journey single-handedly. Through his tireless efforts, Malakar has managed to safeguard numerous turtle species, ensuring their survival in the face of various threats.

However, the task of conservation is becoming increasingly daunting for Malakar as he grapples with limited resources and support. Despite his best efforts, he recognizes the need for assistance from the community to sustain his conservation initiatives. Without the backing of like-minded individuals and organizations, Malakar fears that his mission to save the turtles may face significant setbacks.

Malakar’s dedication to the cause serves as an inspiration to many, highlighting the importance of individual action in conservation efforts. His selfless commitment to protecting Assam’s wildlife underscores the critical role that every individual can play in preserving the planet’s biodiversity.

As the “Turtle Man of India,” Malakar’s work has garnered admiration and respect from conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts alike. His unwavering determination to safeguard endangered turtles reflects his deep-rooted love for nature and his desire to make a positive impact on the environment.

Despite the challenges he faces, Malakar remains steadfast in his mission to save Assam’s turtles from extinction. With the support of the community, he hopes to expand his conservation efforts and ensure a brighter future for these endangered creatures.

Pranab Malakar’s remarkable dedication to saving Assam’s turtles is a testament to the power of individual action in conservation. As he continues his noble mission, it is essential for the community to rally behind him and provide the support he needs to protect these invaluable species for generations to come.



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