Assam’s Vision for Sporting Excellence: A Step Towards Unveiling the Next Football Superstar


In a significant move towards nurturing and showcasing sporting talent, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has set forth an ambitious plan to establish world-class sporting infrastructure in the state. With an unwavering commitment to creating an environment conducive to fostering athletic prowess, CM Sarma expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for spearheading efforts to position Bharat as a formidable sporting power on the global stage.

CM Sarma took to platform X to articulate his vision, stating, “Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri @narendramodi ji has a vision to establish Bharat as a great sporting power, and achieving this is our collective goal. We, in Assam, love football, and if we have the right infrastructure & support system – the next Messi, Ronaldo or Mbappé will come from our State!”

Central to this endeavor is the allocation of substantial funds towards building state-of-the-art sporting facilities. In a major boost to the Indian footballing community, CM Sarma recently earmarked Rs 600 crore for the construction of an international stadium in Guwahati. Additionally, Rs 150 crore has been allocated for the development of the Kokrajhar stadium. These financial injections signal a clear intent to provide the necessary impetus for the emergence of talented athletes from the state.

The move is not merely about constructing physical structures but also about creating a holistic support system that nurtures and guides aspiring athletes. Assam’s love for football is well-documented, and with the right infrastructure and encouragement, the state aims to produce footballing legends who could rival the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, or Mbappé.

The significance of this initiative extends beyond the boundaries of Assam. It aligns with the broader national objective envisioned by Prime Minister Modi, who seeks to elevate Bharat to a position of prominence in the global sporting arena. The collective goal, as articulated by CM Sarma, reflects a unified effort towards realizing this vision.

As the foundations for these state-of-the-art stadiums are laid, there is a palpable sense of anticipation within the sporting community. Assam’s commitment to investing in sporting infrastructure not only enhances the prospects of local talent but also contributes significantly to the overall growth and competitiveness of Indian sports.

Assam’s proactive approach under the leadership of CM Himanta Biswa Sarma exemplifies a commitment to creating an environment where the next generation of sporting icons can thrive. With a combination of passion, infrastructure, and support, Assam aspires to be the cradle of future football superstars, bolstering India’s standing in the global sporting landscape.



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