Assam’s DGP Issues Warning Amid Rising Tensions and Alleged Drone Attack on ULFA-I Camp


In the backdrop of escalating tensions in regions housing the last remaining prohibited insurgent group in Assam, the Director General of Police, G P Singh, has issued a stern warning. The advisory, disseminated through various media channels, urges Assam’s youth to resist militant recruitment drives and encourages those living in unstable camps to relocate to safer areas.

The focus of the advisory is on safety, emphasizing the importance of steering clear of conflict zones to protect individuals from unfamiliar and hazardous surroundings. The underlying message resonates with the need for personal safety and the avoidance of activities that could jeopardize the well-being of Assam’s residents.

In a recent twist of events, the United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent (ULFA-I), a banned organization, reported a drone attack on its camp in Myanmar. The attack resulted in injuries to two ULFA-I members, with the group alleging that Indian security forces were responsible. However, as of now, no concrete evidence has been presented to substantiate this claim.

The Indian Army, stationed in the region, has not officially responded to the allegations. An army officer in Guwahati mentioned being unaware of the alleged incident, adding a layer of uncertainty to the situation. Given that the reported incident occurred in another country, officials suggest that the Ministry of External Affairs might possess more relevant data on the issue.

Meanwhile, in a notable development, Assam Police has withdrawn the security coverage provided to ULFA Chief Paresh Baruah’s residence. This decision marks a significant shift, especially considering that the security detail had been in place since 2000. The withdrawal raises questions about the underlying reasons and the potential implications for the security landscape in the region.

The situation remains fluid, with ongoing investigations into the alleged drone attack and the withdrawal of security coverage. The region’s residents are urged to remain vigilant and prioritize their safety, steering clear of any activities that could lead to further tensions. As the events unfold, the need for open communication and transparency from authorities becomes increasingly crucial to maintain peace and stability in Assam.



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