Ayush Gupta’s Vision for a Thriving Uttarakhand


Ayush Gupta stands as an outstanding and adaptable leader, leaving an enduring mark on the industry. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from DIT University, Ayush embarked on his professional journey as a Mechanical Engineer at Young Man India Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. He later assumed the role of Operations Head at BMC Legal Services, where he honed his managerial skills.

In 2021, Ayush Gupta embarked on a new venture by founding Natriana Manufacturing LLP. This endeavor showcases Ayush’s deep understanding of manufacturing processes and his unwavering commitment to excellence. Natriana has rapidly gained recognition for its innovative approach to production and its unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch products.

In 2023, Ayush unveiled his second brainchild, “The Pahadis.” This initiative is a testament to his profound connection with the culture and heritage of the Himalayan region. “The Pahadis” promises to be a platform that celebrates the rich traditions and crafts of the region, providing a spotlight for local artisans and their exceptional creations.

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Ayush Gupta is setting an admirable example as a champion of women’s empowerment. He has launched an initiative aimed at supporting the women of Uttarakhand, providing them with a platform to work from home. This initiative not only empowers homemakers to showcase their talents but also creates opportunities for them to contribute to Ayush’s various company products.

Ayush’s dedication to uplifting young female athletes in Uttarakhand is truly commendable. Through Natriana, he identifies promising talents between the ages of 8 and 16 from every district in Uttarakhand. These gifted athletes receive sponsorships in their respective categories, enabling them to pursue their dreams and potentially represent their state on a larger stage.

Ayush Gupta’s endeavors reflect not only his business acumen but also his commitment to making a positive impact on society. His initiatives for women’s empowerment and youth development embody a socially conscious approach to entrepreneurship. As Ayush continues to spearhead new projects and companies, it is evident that his influence will continue to grow, leaving a lasting legacy in the realms of business and community development.

Residing in the scenic city of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Ayush Gupta stands as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and advocates of positive social change alike. His journey is a testament to the potential for individuals to not only achieve success in business but also to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.



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