Baby Girl Sold by Father for Rs. 30,000 Recovered in Tripura, India


In a shocking incident that has brought to light the harsh realities of child trafficking and poverty in India, a newborn baby girl was sold by her father for a mere Rs. 30,000 in the Khowai district of Tripura. The incident, which came to light on November 23, 2023, has sent shockwaves through the community and sparked outrage among child welfare advocates.

According to reports, the father, identified as Khoken Debbarma, sold his one-and-a-half-day-old daughter while his wife was asleep, citing financial difficulties as the reason for his actions. The distraught mother, upon discovering her missing child, raised an alarm, and the matter was soon brought to the attention of the authorities.

The Khowai district administration, acting swiftly, formed a special team comprising of Child Line officials and police personnel to investigate the case and rescue the baby. After a thorough investigation, the team traced the baby to a couple without children in the Gomati district.

On November 25, 2023, the baby was rescued and reunited with her mother at the Teliamura sub-divisional hospital. The child was found to be malnourished and in need of medical attention.

The incident has highlighted the plight of vulnerable children in India, particularly those living in poverty-stricken areas. Child trafficking remains a prevalent issue in the country, with many children being sold into forced labor or prostitution.

The Tripura government has condemned the incident and has vowed to take strict action against those involved in child trafficking. The government has also announced plans to provide financial assistance to the family of the baby girl.

The rescue of the baby girl serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and collective action in combating child trafficking. It is also a call to address the root causes of poverty and provide adequate social safety nets to prevent such desperate acts.



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