Be Me: Revolutionizing Feminine Hygiene with Organic Sanitary Pads


Green Particle Biotech Private Limited, founded by Manish Sharma, Tanay Vashistha, and Hemant Sharma, has emerged as a leading player in the feminine hygiene industry with their brand, Be Me. Launched in 2020, Be Me offers organic sanitary pads made from corn and bamboo, prioritizing skin-friendly, natural components over chemical-based materials. In their commitment to sustainability, Be Me has eliminated plastic and other harmful chemicals from their production process, utilizing biodegradable materials instead. Additionally, Be Me provides paper sealable disposal pouches with each pad, promoting safe and eco-friendly disposal practices. In this article, we will explore the innovative initiatives of Be Me, including their recent funding, projects, and their certification by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Recent Funding and Expansion Plans

To fuel their growth and expand their presence, Be Me recently secured funding to strengthen their business through both online and offline channels. This financial support will enable the company to reach a wider consumer base, empowering more women with their organic sanitary pads. By leveraging online platforms, Be Me aims to provide convenient access to their products across various regions, while also establishing a robust offline distribution network for those with limited internet connectivity. This strategic approach highlights Be Me’s dedication to making their products accessible to women from all walks of life.

Organic Sanitary Pads: A Sustainable Approach to Feminine Hygiene

Be Me’s organic sanitary pads are a game-changer in the feminine hygiene market. Unlike conventional pads, Be Me pads are crafted using natural components derived from corn and bamboo. By prioritizing skin-friendly materials, Be Me ensures that their products do not cause irritation or discomfort, providing a healthier and more comfortable experience for women. Moreover, their commitment to sustainability is evident in their decision to remove plastic and other harmful chemicals from the production process. Instead, they use biodegradable components, reducing the environmental impact and promoting eco-conscious choices.

Promoting Hygiene and Empowering Women

Be Me goes beyond providing quality products and takes a holistic approach to women’s health and empowerment. The brand has launched two impactful initiatives: Project ‘Aprajita’ and Project ‘Be Me Woman.’ Under Project ‘Aprajita,’ Be Me is dedicated to distributing free sanitary pads to underprivileged females, addressing the menstrual hygiene needs of women who lack access to affordable products. This initiative aims to break barriers and promote dignity and equality for all women.

Additionally, Project ‘Be Me Woman’ focuses on providing social media-based 24/7 support to women from Tier 2/3 cities. This initiative serves as a platform where women can seek guidance and advice on women’s hygiene-related queries, while also dispelling myths and misconceptions. With a commitment to prompt responses within 12 hours, ‘Be Me Woman’ aims to empower women with knowledge and support, promoting better menstrual health practices.

BIS Certification: Ensuring Quality and Standards

In recognition of their commitment to excellence, Be Me achieved the prestigious Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification for IS 5405:2019 on May 15th, 2023. This certification validates Be Me’s adherence to the highest industry standards and requirements as per international benchmarks. By obtaining this certification, Be Me solidifies their reputation as a trustworthy brand that prioritizes quality and consumer safety. Women can trust that Be Me’s sanitary pads meet the stringent criteria set by BIS, ensuring a reliable and secure menstrual hygiene solution.

Be Me, an organic sanitary pad brand under Green Particle Biotech Private Limited, has revolutionized the feminine hygiene industry by providing skin-friendly, organic pads while promoting sustainability. With their recent funding, Be Me is set to expand its reach through online and offline channels, ensuring that their innovative products are available to women across various regions. Through projects such as ‘Aprajita’ and ‘Be Me Woman,’ Be Me actively contributes to social causes and supports women’s empowerment. With their recent BIS certification, Be Me demonstrates its unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards. As Be Me continues to grow and evolve, it remains dedicated to offering women a healthier, safer, and more sustainable choice for their menstrual hygiene needs.

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