Belonia Tragedy Unveils Dark Secrets: Suspect Detained in Mysterious Youth Deaths


In the wake of a tragic incident that cast a pall of uncertainty over the town of Belonia, questions surrounding the mysterious deaths of two youths have taken center stage. Authorities have taken swift action, detaining one Jhutan Chowdhury, a resident of Tabla Chowmuhni area under Belonia police station, in connection with the case. The suspect was produced before the court as investigations unfold to shed light on the circumstances leading to the untimely demise of the two youths.

The victims, identified as Abhijit Dey and Ashish Majumder, were discovered lying on the road near Garage Tilla area with severe injuries on a fateful Friday night. Despite efforts to rush them to Agartala GB Hospital, both succumbed to their injuries during transit.

According to police reports, Jhutan Chowdhury, the detained individual, has confessed to the crime. He revealed that he deliberately struck the motorcycle carrying the two youths from behind with his car. Shockingly, he admitted to using an iron rod to inflict fatal blows, citing a previous enmity as the motive behind the gruesome act.

Adding a layer of complexity to the case, it has been alleged that Jhutan Chowdhury is the son of SBC Nagar Gram Panchayat Pradhan, Lakhi Chowdhury. Further claims suggest that the accused’s father, Sanjit Chowdhury, had been the target of multiple attacks by workers affiliated with the ruling party in the past. A case was reportedly registered with the police station in connection with these attacks, but, unfortunately, no substantial action was taken.

The unfolding tragedy in Belonia serves as a stark reminder of the importance of a robust and responsive legal system. As the investigation progresses, the community anxiously awaits answers, seeking justice for the victims and accountability for those responsible.



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