BharatERP Billing Software: The Backbone Supporting Government’s ‘Mera Bill MeraAdhikar’ Scheme for Transparent and Efficient GST Compliance!


One of the biggest problems that the GST (Goods and Services Tax) department is facing is that many businesses registered under GST are seen to be not charging GST when they sell any goods or services, basically known as cash sale. In order to pay less amount, some customers prefer bills without GST. To solve this issue the GST (Goods and Services Tax) department has introduced a government scheme known as “Mera Bill MeraAdhikarYojana”or(My Bill My Rights Scheme). It is launched by the Central Government in co-ordination with the State Government on 1st September 2023.

This scheme promotes the usage of invoice habit in (B2C) business to consumer transaction, also it encourages the consumers to request for proper bills from the seller on the purchase of any goods or services. In addition to it the scheme aware the citizens regarding the GST (Goods and Services Tax) system. This scheme made a smart move by awaring the citizens about fraudulent GST practices.

This scheme is launched in Haryana, Assam, Gujarat and the three Union Territories Puducherry, Dadra, Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu. Later, this scheme shall be implemented in the whole country with it prime aim to boost GST awareness among the consumers, so that they start demanding bills to the vendors by considering it as “Mera Bill MeraAdhikar.”

Considering the prime objectives of “Mera Bill MeraAdhikar”, the GST billing software, “BharatERP”was launchedby OPENLOGICS, a company from North-East India, with its main motive to provide bills or invoices to the customers considering the Central Government’s invoice promotion scheme. This software assists the customers to generate precise and error-less invoices promptly and make their billing process an easy one. 

BharatERP is a business accounting and GST billing software that helps the MSMEs business owners to run their business in a more effective and professional way. It is an offline software particularly designed for the desktop and has everything than an MSMEs owner is looking for.

One remarkable feature of BharatERP is that it directly sent invoices or bills through Whatsapp. This feature was implemented so that the consumers get their bills in a seamless manner directly into their registered Whatsapp number. BharatERP also offers this unique feature of creating quick and easy electronic invoices or bills. It is done to continue the adhere to the Government of India’s directive for automatic E-voice creation.

These unique features have been implemented in BharatERP Billing Software reflecting on the main objective of the “Mera Bill MeraAdhikar” scheme. It’s a positive step taken to educate the customers about the benefits of GST (Goods and Services Tax) and to be a responsible citizen who contributes to the nation’s development by paying their taxes honestly.

Lastly it can be stated that no other accounting software can help you uplift your business, the way BharatERP does. BharatERP can be downloaded from this following URL –



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