Bijal Chandaria’sEarly Childhood educator / edupreneur/ founder of PAC PreSchools since 2004/Mentoring, training and coaching individuals.


Bijal’s introduction:

Bijal Chandaria is an early childhood educator for the last 26 years and is a founder of PAC PreSchools since 2004. 

She is mother of a 21 years son and he is pursuing his under graduation in Architecture from University of Toronto in Canada, it is top ranking university of the world. 

Her vision is ’To help individuals UNVEIL, EMPOWER, MASTER their hidden Potential/ Skills

She lives highly with her core values of her organisation:

✅ Never give up attitude

✅ Passion driven

✅ Innovation and consistent upgradation 

✅ Commitment 

✅ Delivering excellence

✅ Stability and consistency

Her career is focused on building people’s capacities, coaching and training to recognize their identity and social contributions. 

She invests heavily in self development to enhance her mental, physical and emotional strength. 

She is a visionary leader, with a background in business, holding degrees in BHSC and ECCE. 

Additionally she is a Marathoner and have completed more than 20 till date. 

Have been an avid trekker and have done the Sahyadris, Himalayas and the Mount Kilimanjaro. 

She is a Vipasana practitioner and meditates daily. 

She is known for her high energy, enthusiasm, disciplined and health and fitness freak.

She has been awarded for:

✅ The Top 100 Principal of the nation award

✅ Awarded for Visionary edu leader

Her organization is awareded for:

✅ The Best standalone Preschool

✅ Most innovative curriculum in early childhood education

✅ Shiksha Ratna Puraskar Edcation excellence

Currently she is running a chain of Preschools in Mumbai at Mulund, Thane, Kalyan and Chembur with a team of 80 teaching and non teaching staff. 

PAC is known for its 3 programs Preschool, DayCare and after school activities for children 1.5 to 10 years which is thoughtfully curated with help of an unique concept of Multiple Intelligence theory which focuses on holistic development of children which eventually transforms the child’s personality in 360 degrees angle.

PAC is a all women organization who are shaping instrumental in shaping the future of the little hearts.

One of the great successes stories of pandemic was Bijal’s and her team has not only strived but thrived during the pandemic, sheer because of the never give up attitude and she and her team is passion driven.



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