Biju Festival Celebrated Across Tripura in Religious Spirit


Biju is a traditional festival of Chakma community. This festival has been going on since ancient times. This festival is celebrated every year Biju is basically three days of Full Biju, Mool Biju and Gotchepochche Biju. Thursday was the first day of Phul Biju For the welfare of all animals, a rally is organized in the morning on this Phul Biju day today along with other places under Gandachhara sub-division also organized by Dhalajhari Maitri Buddha Vihar Committee. At the end, flowers are floated in the river Sarma. This flower floating is a great moment to promote the culture of Chakma society in the coming days and connect with everyone. After floating the flowers, everyone came together and met at Dhalajhari Maitri Buddhist Vihar.

Then Buddhist Vandana, Bhikkhu Vandana is followed by Panchasila prayer. On this Phul Biju day centered around the Biju festival, the atmosphere of joy is noticed in the hearts of all, young and old.



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